Thursday, April 16, 2015

Recover Deleted Photos &Videos From SD Card

It happens all the time, like you click the wrong button and your photos are gone in a blink or your SD card is empty for no reason, the system tells that the SD card needs to format if you want to use it, then you need to format it. All of the situation will make you lost your Photos or Videos.

Some of the people make think they got bad luck and let it go. If the photos or files they’ve lost are very important, they may cry for it. This part of people are the part don’t know about the files and photos are recoverable and didn’t know it is easy to do that. Of course the other part is the people know how to use a tool to recover files or photos.
Do you Want to know why the deleted file is recoverable? When you are deleting a file and Computer gets commend of the file should be deleted, after the click, the file will be gone immediately. But actually it is still there.The system will not actually erase the files, it just add a sign on the files that the files need to be deleted. Files will only be deleted when new files are written in the same place, then you should know you must stop using the SD card before the recovery.

Comes to recovery, First you should download a recovery software, Jihosoft Photos Recovery is an effective and convenient recovery software, provides reliable data recovery solution to save all kinds of data loss scenarios, also Jihosoft has great after-sale service and you can download the installation for free and check if the program can recover the data you need, files like Office file format, videos format, photos, music, etc. It is very easy-to-use, which can recover data from SD card as well as many other storage devices.

Step 1, Download and Install the Jihosoft Photo Recovery (Photo Recovery for Mac)

Step 2. In here, you can chose Recover Photo or Create Image,( Create Image is to Create a Image of the region you need to recover in case there is bad sectors.You can think it is a backup, And the Image can be used later to recover data). Also you can chose the languages in the upright corner, français(French) and español(Spanish) are available. 
Click Recover Photo for now.

Step 3After Chose “Recover Photo”, Chose the disk or storage device you need to recover. If you have specific type of file need to recover, Chose Advanced Scan, That will greatly improve the searching performance.

The files you want to recover can be seen after the scan,You can preview the photo in the result or the text in the data. 

Step 4. Chose the files you need to recover, Click “Recover”, wait for the program finish the final job.  

Here is little warning :
Don't recover files to the original SD card, save to your Win or other storage media instead. that may cause you lose your Data again.

Here is the Mac version guide for you. Click here if you need.

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