Monday, April 27, 2015

Recover Photos And Videos From Samsung S5 Memory Card

Samsung Galaxy S5 Memory card data loss scenario

“I have a 16G Version Samsung S5, It performed perfectly in the first half year, but after that, it started to lag and stutter. For sure, I have used some programs to speed it up. It worked time to time. One day, I used my S5 to check my photos in gallery, all the sudden my S5 just got hotter and hotter, after a while it just restarted automatically. I thought it would be fine after restarted, but when I opened the gallery again, I was astonished, all of my photos and videos on the SD card were gone! My videos, my photos! I calm myself down, I turned to my friends, they told me I could use photo recovery program to recover my photos and videos back. But I haven’t use it before, what  should I do?”

It Is Possible To Recover Lost Photos  From Samsung Memory Card

It is a common issue about android phone overheating, overheating can cause many problems, and memory loss is one of the problem. But how can we retrieve the data back after the memory card is empty? There is a a simple principle that you can retrieve the lost files back, when files are lost or deleted, the operating system merely deletes the corresponding pointers in the file table and marks the space occupied by the file as free. The reality is that the file is not deleted and the data it contained still remains on the drive. The overheating cause the operating system lost the corresponding pointer, use photo recovery can easily recover the photos and videos(there could be a few losses of files) , Is it too complicated to understand? It is fine, Jihosoft will do the all the job for you, Jihosoft Photo Recovery will provide an all-in-one solution for users to deal with such a problem.

How to recover Photos Samsung Galaxy S5 Memory Card?

Step 1: Download Jihosoft Photo Recovery

Download Jihosoft Photo Recovery, after downloading, install the latest version of Jihosoft Photo Recoery(Click Here For Mac version)

Step 2: Plug your SD Card To A Card Reader

Prepare a card reader. Plug SD card to the card reader. (Only under some situations,Samsung S5 external memory card can be directly detected by Jihosoft Photo recovery),
Connect Card Reader To Computer
Plug the card reader to your computer, launch Jihosoft Photo Recovery and select the “Recover Photo, Audio&Video”. to move to the next step. (Create Image is to Create a Image of the Specific region of disk,  in case there is bad sectors, you may need to use Image to recover photos. It is like a complete backup of your drive, and the Image can be used for scan as same as drive)

Step 3: Scan Deleted Photos on Samsung Galaxy S5

Select the Drive where you lost your photos and click "Start Scan" button(You can choose "Advanced Scan" and choose the specific formats of files for better performance)
Click “Start Scan”to start scanning lost Photos, Videos&Audios on Galaxy S5.
After scanning is done, you are allowed to preview the scanned photos. You can select the files you need to recover and click on the "Recover" button to get them back.

Little warning:

Don't recover files to the original SD card, save to your Win or other storage media instead. that may cause you lose your data again and stop using the phone before the recovery. Any new data write into the phone will probably overwrite the lost files and make them unrecoverable.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

What is "Image" ?

I bet many of readers don't understand what is "Image", of course it is not a picture. if you are a experienced computer user. you would know what is to "Create Image".
This a picture from Jihosoft Recovery software interface. Not like other recovery software, It has the function of create Image, It is quite useful if you know how to use it.
Let me explain what is Image first, Yes, it could be a backup of a disk, check the picture upon, click the "Create Image" you will be asked to chose a disk to create a disk's Image,  imaging a drive is more like creating a great big file. Image backup software copies everything on the drive into a single, compressed, but still very large file. Images are computer files containing the contents and structure of a disk volume or an entire data storage device, such as a hard drive, tape drive, floppy disk, optical disc or USB flash drive. A disk image is usually created by creating a sector-by-sector copy of the source medium, thereby perfectly replicating the structure and contents of a storage device independent of the file system. 
you can Create a Image of USB drive in your computer and you have the USB drive's backup forever, you can recover the file from Image, use the Image to recover the files can even make your recovery process more accurate.

Here is Steps to create Image:

It is easy, once you know how to use of the Create image.
Because the Image contains the whole disk, it will take rather long time to create an Image, but if you are creating an Image of a storage device like USB drive, it will take less time than a whole drive.    

After you create the Image, you can use it for recovery, the Image you create can also have other use, it is like a backup for your whole disk.

Hope this article can help you with something.

Recover Deleted Photos &Videos From SD Card

It happens all the time, like you click the wrong button and your photos are gone in a blink or your SD card is empty for no reason, the system tells that the SD card needs to format if you want to use it, then you need to format it. All of the situation will make you lost your Photos or Videos.

Some of the people make think they got bad luck and let it go. If the photos or files they’ve lost are very important, they may cry for it. This part of people are the part don’t know about the files and photos are recoverable and didn’t know it is easy to do that. Of course the other part is the people know how to use a tool to recover files or photos.
Do you Want to know why the deleted file is recoverable? When you are deleting a file and Computer gets commend of the file should be deleted, after the click, the file will be gone immediately. But actually it is still there.The system will not actually erase the files, it just add a sign on the files that the files need to be deleted. Files will only be deleted when new files are written in the same place, then you should know you must stop using the SD card before the recovery.

Comes to recovery, First you should download a recovery software, Jihosoft Photos Recovery is an effective and convenient recovery software, provides reliable data recovery solution to save all kinds of data loss scenarios, also Jihosoft has great after-sale service and you can download the installation for free and check if the program can recover the data you need, files like Office file format, videos format, photos, music, etc. It is very easy-to-use, which can recover data from SD card as well as many other storage devices.

Step 1, Download and Install the Jihosoft Photo Recovery (Photo Recovery for Mac)

Step 2. In here, you can chose Recover Photo or Create Image,( Create Image is to Create a Image of the region you need to recover in case there is bad sectors.You can think it is a backup, And the Image can be used later to recover data). Also you can chose the languages in the upright corner, français(French) and español(Spanish) are available. 
Click Recover Photo for now.

Step 3After Chose “Recover Photo”, Chose the disk or storage device you need to recover. If you have specific type of file need to recover, Chose Advanced Scan, That will greatly improve the searching performance.

The files you want to recover can be seen after the scan,You can preview the photo in the result or the text in the data. 

Step 4. Chose the files you need to recover, Click “Recover”, wait for the program finish the final job.  

Here is little warning :
Don't recover files to the original SD card, save to your Win or other storage media instead. that may cause you lose your Data again.

Here is the Mac version guide for you. Click here if you need.